With vast experience across multiple industries, we deliver property tax services to everyone from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies. And providing this service as a true extension of your team comes naturally to us because we believe strongly that our work is about relationships.

Distribution & Manufacturing

Like most industries, distribution is transforming at breakneck speed. Customer expectations and buying habits have adapted quickly to digital, presenting retailers with new competitors, new customer service challenges, and of course, new opportunities. In an inventory-taxable jurisdiction, one of the more prominent challenges is the valuation of inventory and how to apply a mitigation strategy based on the characteristics. Our team can work with you to not only evaluate your inventory situation, but to strategize a plan for the best possible outcome.
Learn More In the manufacturing realm, regardless of the goods and services you provide, you face issues exclusive to the industrial sector. The environment is tough — shifting demands, regulatory pressures, global competition, infrastructure costs — but it is also full of opportunity. Because cost accounting is a fundamental requirement for achieving success when taking advantage of these opportunities, controlling costs is a must. When it comes to your manufacturing machinery and equipment, appraisal and/or assessment districts don’t always consider every type of obsolescence when applying depreciation. Our Industrial Complex team can help provide a Trendulation™ report based on your facility operating metrics in order to strategize an appeal above and beyond the standard depreciation matrix. We can also help with inventory valuations with methods like “cost does not always equal value” — controlling the cost of property tax and providing strategic planning for your supply chain and inventory management.


With more than 96% of all manufactured goods directly rely on the chemical industry in some form or another, the economic influence of the industry is overwhelming. With challenges like over capacities due to residual effects of changing economies, constraints on capital intensive operations and investments, as well as regulatory pressures — you face ever increasing complexities and costs. Our team understands these challenges and is ready to help you minimize your exposure. Some methods we may employ include reviewing your property by breaking down its various components to ensure that all property types are valued fairly, analyzing geographic reach of finished products, evaluating industrial district service agreements, and exploring environmental control incentives.

Renewable Energy

Few industries impact the global economy as much as the energy industry — and few industries face so many challenges. Renewable energy is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for many of those challenges. We pride ourselves on representing many solar projects across Texas, including one of the largest projects in the United States, the OCI/Alamo project. Our in-depth reviews and services provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of all possible strategies for property tax savings including the review of new site selection — because location can have a major impact on tax liability.

Oil & Gas

Whether your business operates in the upstream, midstream, or downstream facet of the business — you face challenges with volatile commodity markets and ever-evolving regulatory structures. These and many other factors can have an effect on your property taxes. Keeping up-to-date with market trends and new laws is part of our strategy for being able to provide you with the best strategy for reducing your property taxes. We’ll provide the best solution to keep your business moving forward.


The industrial products and services industry faces its own unique business issues. Mounting global competition and lower government infrastructure spending challenges revenue. More rigid regulations and rising component costs place more pressure on the bottom line. The last thing you want to worry about is property taxes.
Learn More We fully understand the national market — we track indexes daily and pay close attention to key market indicators that can impact value at any given time. In addition to valuation tax savings, we closely examine how and where the product is made, help quantify tax savings opportunities by understanding product mix and we study our clients’ businesses from start to finish. Knowing the ins and outs of your business — like where your product is used and by whom — can have a tremendous impact in helping control your tax expenditures. By analyzing many market factors for your product to include supply and demand as of the assessment date and its effect on pricing, our team can apply our in-house research to challenge the typical cost-equals-value approach utilized by many jurisdictions.


The food manufacturing industry is the largest industry in the world. In the US, the industry generates more than $700 billion a year in revenue. That being said, food manufacturing also faces many obstacles, including slim margins, powerful competition, increasingly rigorous food safety laws, and the need to stay innovative with hundreds of product categories. We can help you by working as an extension of your team to identify and obtain potential property tax savings. Identifying and fighting for value reductions and exemptions is just one method we utilize. The money you save on property taxes can be reinvested in to tackling the most prominent obstacles in your industry.

Real Property

Appraisers typically use three methodologies in their market value approach: sales; cost; and income. Our experienced team of real estate professionals analyzes your facility against similar property types to appeal for an equal and uniform approach to the market value. Your facility’s characteristics will also be reviewed as of the assessment date for any additional downward adjustment if applicable. In the event property values are unable to be successfully negotiated, our team helps guide you through the litigation process to put added pressure on rising property taxes.

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