With core practice areas of business personal, commercial, real, industrial complex property — we have you covered in every area of property tax consulting. Utilizing our experience and knowledge, our goal is to help you minimize your property tax liability while being open and responsive throughout the process. Communicating and working with you every step of the way, your time is freed up for you and your key personnel to do what you do best.


Reporting of business personal property valuation differs from state-to-state and often times, county-to-county. A team of JJC professionals dedicated to you works diligently — just as you would — to ensure that you’re not paying more than your fair share in property taxes. Our people, utilizing our proprietary AdVolution™ software — developed in-house by a team of analysts, agents and coders — confirm that your company’s returns are filed in compliance with the appropriate jurisdictions nationwide. With additional reporting to track appeals and results, AdVolution™ is the perfect complement to the master plan of your company’s tax mitigation strategy. Our annual Trendulation™ report summarizes your savings and tax liabilities so you have a solid understanding of your results.

Exemption Review

We analyze your inventory and logistics or movements to determine which, if any, tax exemptions might apply in specific jurisdictions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team collects notices and bills for inventory accounts and reconciles values with book inventory. Exemption-based savings are pursued with the appropriate jurisdictions if and when you provide your approval and after we’ve provided you with a recommendation on the best solution for greatest long-term savings.

Appeals & Resolution

We take care of every facet of the protest including filing an appeal, performing analysis, negotiating over the phone and being your boots on the ground for any interaction better served in person — like taking the appeal to a formal hearing for resolution. Because of our relationship with you, we know your business well. That means we can take a very tailored approach to building a case for every unique property.

Abatements & Incentives

JJC assists in identifying and pursuing exemptions and abatements for you. This encompasses locating and communicating with the proper individuals in local jurisdictions who can help secure available incentives.

Equal & Unform Analysis

None of us want property taxes to be assessed inequitably. Although you may not mind paying your fair share of taxes, it’s unfair to pay more than others are paying for similar properties. When appealing under equity or equal and uniform, we look for a reasonable number of comparable properties appropriately adjusted and then we contrast your assessed value with the assessed values of these similar properties. Your property should be assessed for the median level of these adjusted comparables.

Litigation Support

Court-ordered mediations, settlement meetings, negotiated agreements – and, on occasion, actual trials can be the mechanisms for litigation settlement. The result of any of these depends on the team you have working for you. At JJC, although we can’t serve as your attorney, we can make recommendations or work with the litigator of your choice. We work with the attorney to build your case as well as participate in settlement meetings as part of the effort to reach resolution. The key to securing a win is your property tax consulting team and attorney working together as one. No matter the method or extent of the process, we’re here to support you through it.

Strategic Planning

It’s one thing to be able to reduce your property taxes one year. It’s another to have the foresight and planning to determine the best course of action for long-term savings. With the experience and expertise to help you strategize — whether it’s where to relocate inventory for logistics or what geographically advantageous locations to consider when opening a new facility. At times, this strategy may not even be directly related to property taxes — it may be more about how we manage the process. Because we know our work is not just about our relationship with you — our client — it’s also about the relationships we maintain with our colleagues in jurisdictions across the country and how we treat them with respect while we work toward a positive result for you.

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